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Let Him Bluff

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Oct 24, 2018


One of my friends recently told me about a situation that illustrates an important concept that you must master if you want to experience substantial success at poker. With blinds at 200-400 with a 50 ante, a tight, passive player limped from second position with a 60,000 (150 big blind) effective stack, another tight, straightforward player limped from third position, and my friend limped from the lojack seat with A 9. An overly aggressive player limped on the button, and both blinds came along as well. Multi-way pots are always fun! Some people think that you must always raise the limpers, but I like my friend’s limp against tight players. Raising to about 2,200 may be the best play if he expects the first two limpers to fold a decent amount of the time, or if he expects them to call and then play straightforwardly after the flop. The flop ...

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