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Real Poker: Feel it More Often

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jun 06, 2018


“Poker is a game about people, played with cards.” It’s an old school saying, full of wisdom that’s still true today. It’s especially true of no-limit hold’em. However, internet poker transformed the game, partly dehumanizing it. Poker became a game of data-mining and average hand range analysis vs. hands. And while that knowledge still has application when transferred to live games, live poker is still primarily a game of people. The best live poker players are highly intuitive. They sense inconsistencies in their opponent’s logic and psychological impulses. They feel the bluffs, the weak calls, the strong hands of their opponents, often without even knowing why. They trust their “gut,” and they should, because their gut is highly accurate. We all have an intuitive sense, in varying degrees of effectiveness, but many fail to consciously use it or develop it. Those with highly effective gut feelings are mostly correct because ...

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