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Hero Calling With King High

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jun 06, 2018


I was recently told about a poker hand from a $1-$2 no-limit cash game that illustrates a few mistakes many overly curious players make on a regular basis. Everyone folded to our Hero in the hijack seat who raised to $12 out of his $200 stack with K 5. Right off the bat, mistakes were made. K 5 is much too loose to raise from the hijack. In fact, it is only a raising hand from the button, and perhaps the cutoff if the players yet to act are tight. To justify raising it from the hijack or earlier, the players yet to act must all be incredibly tight and passive (which was not the case at this table). Also, Hero raised much too large. By making it $12, he ensures that he will be in terrible shape when he gets action because competent players understand they do not need ...

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