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Flop Evaluation — Part 5: More on Suitedness

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Aug 16, 2017


Flops contain attributes: Pairs, Suits, Connection, Rank, and Variability. So far I have described each of these, and then devoted columns to Rank, Variability and begun the discussion of suitedness. Suits: A flop may contain three suits (rainbow), two suits (thus there is a flush draw possible) or one suit (a flush is already possible.) The flop will contain two of a suit slightly more than half the time, about 55 percent. Next most common are the rainbow flops (three suits), which occur about 40 percent of the time. The remaining five percent of the time the flop comes out with three cards of the same suit. The previous column discussed the cases in which the flop is uni-suit (all the same suit) or rainbow. In this column, the discussion of suitedness will continue by looking at the most common case-when the flop contains two of a suit. This means ...

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