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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Aug 16, 2017


Unique individual situations often arise in the main event. Top set in a three-bet pot…. Since the 2017 main event was played a few weeks ago I thought that it would be topical to cover an interesting hand from my journey this year. First of all the main event is a very special tournament. You have probably heard that before but it is the only event at the WSOP with two-hour levels throughout the entire tournament and where the average stack is typically over 75 big blinds. Also table draw is HUGE. Since there are typically 7,000 players in the event you can be playing at a very soft table, sometimes against opponents that have only played poker a few times. Other times, you can be playing against all-star, world-class players, and then there are other times where you see a combination of many player types all at the same ...

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