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Am I Making a Good Bet? Part 6

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 21, 2016


I ended the last column by posing a question relating to a semi-bluff. One player has A Q and his opponent has K K. On fourth street, the board is 8 8 5 4. The A Q goes all-in with a pot-sized bet. What should the kings do? They might be up against a strong hand, and have few or even no outs. If the bettor has a full house, a straight, any eight, or aces, the kings have only two outs. If he has quads, the kings have no outs. It takes a pretty brave player to make this call. But even if he does make it, the semi-bluffer will still win 25 percent of the time. There are 44 unknown cards, three aces and eight of the nine remaining spades will win for him. He wins with 11 of 44 cards or 25 percent of the time. (Note ...

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