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Preflop Discipline

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Dec 21, 2016


I am in the process of writing a new, in-depth small-stakes no-limit hold’em book. Today I was writing about a concept that I think many amateur players mess up on a regular basis. Instead of playing a somewhat tight, aggressive strategy when someone raises in front of them, they call with an incredibly wide range, which often leads to difficult postflop situations. For example, suppose at $1-$2 with $200 stacks, a competent, tight-aggressive player raises to $7 from early position. A few players fold and the action is on you in middle position. This is a situation where most amateurs call with roughly this range: Their logic is that these hands all flop well enough. They say in their minds, “you can’t win if you don’t see the flop!” They three-bet their best hands, A-A through 9-9, A-K, and A-Q, because they assume those are worthy of piling in the ...

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