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Combining The New And The Old In No-Limit

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jun 22, 2016


I will begin with a brief summary of the old and new ways deciding how to play a hand. Then I will examine a very common type of situation in some detail, and try to suggest a middle path, which combines the old and the new. Old: When I first started playing no-limit hold’em seriously, it was common practice to try to put someone on a specific hand. In some cases, it was possible to base your line of play on the hand you attributed to your opponent. Even if you decided they had a range of hands, it was very narrow. If you raised and got reraised, you assumed you were up against Aces, Kings, or perhaps A-K suited. When you were unable to put them on a specific hand, the default was to use clues from bet sizes, behaviors, and tells to determine if the hand was weak, ...

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