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Business Is A Poker Game: Poker Is A Great Teacher

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jun 22, 2016


Earlier columns related poker to business issues, such as selecting the right games, adjusting to situations, negotiating deals, and coping with losses. This one explains why poker is a great teacher. Poker Is Pure, Naked Competition Many people dislike and disguise competition. They pretend to be working together, helping each other or acting nobly, when they’re really competing ferociously. Poker players aren’t hypocrites. We want our opponents’ money. Millions of people play other games without betting, but hardly anyone plays poker without gambling. Poker is “everyone against everyone,” which mirrors another important business reality. If you collude with your business competitors, an anti-trust suit can bankrupt you, and colluding at poker is cheating. Ordinary Adults Play Poker Some business books use sports as the teaching metaphor, but sports are played mostly by children and the professionals are extraordinarily gifted “freaks.” Success depends primarily upon size, strength, and speed, which are ...

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