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Learning No-Limit From Scratch ­- The World’s Best Cash Game Poker Players

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Dec 09, 2015


What makes the best the best? What do they accomplish that very good players don’t? How do they obtain that extra edge? There are many factors that go into being a great poker player; strategic knowledge and emotional control are big. But lots of highly intelligent people have intensely studied poker and also possess emotional control. And there are many styles of play that can be winning strategies, though some are more effective than others. But in order to dominate the game, the world’s best players read situations very accurately and know how to take the optimal strategic line. Oftentimes, the optimum line is an aggressive play that others either miss or lack the fortitude to implement. What taking the additional positive expected value (EV) plays accomplishes is that, overall, they wager more money per hour with the best of it, giving them a larger overall blended EV. At the ...

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