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Crushing Live Poker With TWITTER

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Dec 09, 2015


September 14 — You should always consider what your opponent may be overplaying when you get raised and hold a strong hand. One of the more interesting spots that you can get into when playing no-limit hold’em is when you have what you think is a strong hand, especially on the turn, facing a raise. I have trained myself in these situations to always firstly think when I may be scared of the nuts, “What other hands can my opponent be overplaying”?  On one of’s podcasts, Crush Live Call-ins, which streams live on the CrushLivePoker channel on Twitch every Monday at 7:45PM ET, I had a caller discuss a hand in which he flopped bottom set out of the big blind. This was a $5-$5 no-limit hold’em game with a $300-$500 buy-in, but the stacks in this particular hand were fairly deep. It got limped around three ways preflop and ...

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