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Smoke Gets in Barbara’s Eyes for A Smoke-Free Gaming Commercial

Barbara Fights the Smoke in a TV Presentation

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Sep 02, 2015


In the Stone Age days of poker, when smoking was still allowed in California cardrooms, I wrote many columns decrying this destructive habit. In return, I was rebuked by two fellow Card Player columnists who smoked, “Bulldog” Sykes and Susie Isaacs. Bulldog eventually needed a breathing machine at night and then died, while Susie finally gave up the habit and wrote how much better she felt. “Tex” Sheehan was another early writer who succumbed to smoking problems. Smoking took its toll on many others my wife Barbara and I knew. Her best friend was Catherine Brown, a one-time WSOP ladies champion and a very intelligent woman who had been mayor of a small Texas town, and who owned a home health care business, but who ironically was a dedicated smoker. Once, while in California, she came down with a breathing attack and Barbara rushed her to an emergency room. By ...

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