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Amateur Mistake From The WSOP

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Sep 02, 2015


This article is inspired by the most frequent mistake I saw lots of amateur players commit on a regular basis throughout the 2015 WSOP. Most of these players don’t even realize they are committing this egregious error. This mistake is difficult to notice, especially for players in the small or middle stakes, because the vast majority of the player pool exhibits this flaw. Once the amateurs become aware of it, they will instantly be able to improve their strategies, allowing them to play in a much more profitable manner. Most amateurs simply do not apply enough pressure before the flop. Their strategy is to wait for strong hands and then reraise, hoping their opponents will blindly pay them off with all sorts of junk. This results in their opponents easily folding to the passive amateur’s aggression, making it nearly impossible for the amateur to extract significant value from their strong ...

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