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Discipline: Part IV

Finding games or situations where you have an edge

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Sep 02, 2015


You would think that there was no need to explain to anyone who aspires to become a professional gambler that they need to play games where they have an advantage. Strangely enough, there is a steady stream of gamblers who continually make the mistake of gambling with the worst of it. There are many expressions for having the best of it. Here are a few: having an advantage, having positive equity, having positive expectation, having an earn, and so on. In many situations, your overall equity is positive, although you occasionally play when it isn’t. For example, during a blackjack counting session, a counter goes through periods when the house has the advantage (lots of low cards remain), when the deck is neutral (slightly more high cards than low), and when he has the advantage (there are significantly more high cards than low). His winnings come from betting bigger when ...

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