Poker Coverage:

Who Gets to Play?

by Matt Matros |  Published: Jul 08, 2015


Poker often gets trumpeted as a true meritocracy, and with good reason. The deck of cards knows nothing about a player’s gender, ethnicity, bank account, or tournament resume. The professional poker player will get good hands and bad hands with the same frequency as the weekend gambler. Over the (very) long run, it’s skill and skill alone that determines winners and losers. This idea of results as the ultimate arbiter of ability, is one of poker’s most appealing aspects. No poker player need worry about having a boss evaluate his performance, or demote him to a non-poker playing position. The game takes care of all that. If you’re not a good player, you’ll eventually lose your money; but if your skills are strong and your money management is sound, then there aren’t enough naysayers in the world to stop you from turning a profit. A purist would describe poker as ...

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