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Three leaks Colossus event players should fix

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jul 08, 2015


The Colossus event, the smallest buy-in WSOP event ever at $565, drew a gigantic field of 22,374 players, making it the largest live poker tournament ever. When you get that many people together, you are bound to see some interesting plays. In this article, I am going to outline three leaks that I witnessed throughout my play of the event that I think most of the players could easily fix, drastically increasing their equity. Overplaying Decent, But Not Amazing, Hands It was quite common to see a few limpers then see someone raise to around seven big blinds with 50 big blind effective stacks with A-J, only to have the limpers call. The flop would come A-7-4. The player with A-J would bet the flop and either get called or raised. If someone called, the A-J would almost always go all in on the turn. If the A-J got raised ...

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