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Head Games: Psychological Warfare – Get Your Head in the Game

With Jason Somerville, Alex Bolotin, and Dan Flower

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 08, 2015


Craig Tapscott: What are a few ways you burrow into an opponent’s head and wreck havoc during a session? Jason Somerville: I think psychological warfare is one of my biggest strengths. The key to all successful psychological warfare tactics is going to come down to paying attention at the table. The players that are paying the most attention to the game are going to be the ones that are most accurately able to come up with strategies that exploit their opponents. When you look at a player like Phil Ivey, he is able to implement such high level strategies because he’s so good at paying attention, watching an opponent’s eyes, mouth, neck, hands and how they bet their chips, etc. He then takes all those things and processes that into tangible information, and weaponizes it to exploit opponents. I love heads-up poker, as that is a great arena to exercise ...

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