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Three Skills To Beat $1-$2

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jan 21, 2015


I’m finishing up my latest book right now. It’s called No-Limit Hold’em Made Simple, and it will be out in early 2015. The framework of the book is very straightforward. I believe that nearly anyone can learn to win at live no-limit hold’em games. Furthermore, I believe that you can break down what’s needed to beat the games into a series of increasingly complex skills. First, you learn the most basic, simple skill. Once you have it mastered, you move onto the next skill, which builds upon the first. And so on. After you learn a few skills, you can beat the softest games in the room—the $1-$2 (or equivalent) games. To move up, you need to acquire some more difficult skills. But still, the path to improvement is fairly linear. Master the previous skill, then acquire the next one. One skill on top of the other. This simple model ...

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