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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jan 21, 2015


December 2 — Understanding the concept of conditional probability is the key to late street hand reading and weighted combinatorics Conditional probability is a great way to describe the process of hand reading. When we hand read, we are trying to give our opponent a range of hands based on an assertion or evidence (the action). For example, if we raise six times the big blind over a couple of limpers from the button and a tight player calls from the small blind, we can discount a very large portion of hands from his range, which are much different than if the pot was limped around. “If he calls $65 in the small blind, then—”. So, if the flop were to come out 7-5-3 rainbow, we could easily discount the fact that this player flopped a straight because of this “if, then” (raise and only call with a tight range) ...

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