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Optimizing Value

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jan 21, 2015


Obtaining value bets is much more important in no-limit than limit. It’s because the bets are so much bigger, both nominally and in relation to the pot. Miss a bet, and you’ve cost yourself greatly, particularly if it is a high expected value (EV) wager. That’s why in no-limit, it’s so important to realize when you can bet your hand on all three streets and still get called. Much of the no-limit poker literature is written by players who play for high stakes against mostly very tough opposition. Value betting (and other plays) in such situations is quite different from low-medium blind games populated with weak-medium level players. As a player, you need to fine-tune your strategies to adjust to the game you’re playing. Often, when facing opponents who call too much and bluff too little, you can obtain much better value by betting more often, as well as bet-sizing ...

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