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Keeping Quiet (And Still)

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Dec 24, 2014


I might have cycled through more pet peeves at the poker table than is healthy for me, but almost all of them have a reason behind them. I don’t like it when people waste time on meaningless decisions like how many times to run out the board. That extra 30 seconds per all in added up over the course of the night could result in an extra ten hands. I don’t like it when players (or dealers) talk about how someone played a hand after they’re away from the table, especially if they played it badly. This causes a caustic environment where players are afraid to make mistakes for fear of being ridiculed behind their back. I don’t like it when players take forever in tournaments because they’re worried about their image or not giving out timing tells. It’s almost never a recreational player and, as a result, those recreational ...

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