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A Fun Hand From A Bellagio Cash Game

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Dec 24, 2014


I recently played a fun hand at Bellagio in Las Vegas that I think is worth sharing. We were playing $10-$20 no-limit hold’em. I recently got moved from a must-move table to the main game, so my reads are based purely on generic assumptions, which means I will not make any significant decisions on them. A tight, aggressive player with $2,000 raised to $80 from first position. A good tight, aggressive player with $10,000 called in second position. The player in third position, who was unknown to me, also with $10,000, called. I had more money on the table than everyone else. I looked down to find the nice 8 8 in the small blind. I decided to call $70 more. I don’t think the other options have much merit. Folding would be way too tight and re-raising versus a first position raiser with a hand that has large implied ...

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