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How Could I Lose to That Idiot!?

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 24, 2014


In the early 20th Century, Aron Nimzowitsch was a top chess player. He was a major innovator of the hypermodern style. As he developed and experimented with this new style, his results were sometimes not as good as they should have been for a player of his skill level. What does this have to do with poker? The two most important factors in your success as a poker player are how well you play and how well your opponents play. We’ve all heard the story of the tenth best player in the world, who unfortunately liked to play against the top nine. Obviously. his results weren’t very good. I give my readers credit for being smarter than that. I am sure you seek out games with players who are worse than you are. You do, don’t you? If not, please start at once. In fact, substantially worse players are the ...

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