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Why You Can’t Beat Low-limit Games — Part V

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Dec 10, 2014


Parts I and II proved that you don’t lose because your opponents are too stupid. You lose primarily because it’s very hard to get a large enough edge to overcome the extremely high costs. Parts III & IV suggested ways to increase your edge. This part will discuss an easy, but neglected, method for increasing it: thoroughly studying your weakest opponents. We all know that poker is a people game, but many moderately competent low-limit players pay little attention to their opponents, especially the weakest ones. They expect to win by playing “properly” (such as by rigidly applying some book’s rules). When they’re not playing a hand, they frequently ignore the action, chat too much, play with cell phones, watch TV, or even read. They make silly excuses for not studying weak players: “It’s boring.” “I can’t understand them.” “I can’t learn anything from them.” “Why bother? They’re idiots.” They ...

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