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Stack Management in Seven-Card Stud Tournaments — Part II

by Ben Yu |  Published: Dec 10, 2014


In my last article, we examined how structural differences between levels and number of players at the table should change how you play, but this time I will get to the fun stuff—cold, hard strategy. Even though the structure of stud games vastly differs from hold’em and other games with blinds, the most fundamental rule of stack management remains the same. When deep in a tournament where stack preservation becomes a consideration, avoid making bets of small edge with little or no fold equity. Continuation Bet Less On Fourth and Sixth Street The way this materializes in stud games is different than in the big blind games. In seven-card stud, there is little fold equity on fourth and sixth streets. Barring a strong change in boards, players are usually priced into peeling another card because the bet size is the same as it was the previous street. If they were ...

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