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Mensa or Menso – You Be the Judge

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Jul 09, 2014


My sweetie is always after me to clean things out of my closet. You know, pants so old they still have cuffs. Coats even more ancient than the Members Only jacket that Brent Carter still strolls around in. Tax returns over 50 years old. My baby diapers…that sort of stuff. One day I finally I gave in and began the cleaning-up job with my filing cabinet. I had just started shuffling papers around when I was startled to come across a forgotten gem. “Look what I found, mommy,” I shouted out, “my acceptance to Mensa!” It seems that many years ago I had applied to join the high IQ society, offering my college entrance exam results, which were in the top 2 percent range, for credentials. “See, mommy, see, they approved me,” I babbled in excitement while waving the paper. “You never told me you were a member of Mensa,” ...

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