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by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jul 09, 2014


It’s become sort of a joke on the Internet; “move up to where they respect your raises.” Meaning that since people at lower limits call with more hands, if you were to play higher, you wouldn’t get sucked out on as much because people understand that a raise is a good hand and would only play good hands accordingly. I’ve never understand this mentality. Why would you want to play with people who “respect” your raises? If they don’t respect your raises and will call with lots of bad hands, play exploitively by raising less often and smashing them when they catch a small piece of a board that you caught a big piece of. Sure, you’ll be playing a higher-variance game because it will be very showdown based and you’ll lose some pots where you get sucked out on very badly, but you’ll be printing money by playing in ...

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