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Analyzing The Range

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jul 09, 2014


Poor poker players put their opponent(s) on a specific hand and then play their hand according to how they think they should play it against that specific holding. This methodology generates serious miscalculations when the read is in error, as it often is. The correct approach is to put your opponent on a range of hands you think he would play under the current circumstances. You can use math to determine the chances of each of those holdings by determining how many mathematical possibilities exist for each plausible hand. Then, you should discount certain hands based on the propensity of your opponent to play those hands in the current manner. After which, you should have an approximation of the hands your opponent might hold and the propensity for each holding. Yeah, it’s a best guess estimate, but with practice, this method will improve your reads. I open-raised in the cutoff ...

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