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Turning Your Hand Face Up On Purpose

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Apr 02, 2014


I, and pretty much every other respectable poker author, have written extensively about making a point to not turn your hand face up, mainly because it makes you easy to play against. As with all things in poker, there are always exceptions. The main time this advice goes out the window is when you know your opponent, who must be reasonably decent, capable of both reading your range and guessing your specific tendencies, will assume you have the hand you are clearly representing and will then try to bluff you off of it. I witnessed a beautiful example of this in a recent high buy-in European Poker Tour (EPT) event. In this hand, with effective stacks of 100 big blinds (BB), a standard tight-aggressive player raised to two BBs from middle position, a loose-aggressive kid, who I know to play high-stakes, heads-up sit-n-gos online, reraised to five BBs from the ...

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