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Irrefutable Southern Logic - There Are Many Ways Between Here And There, But One Is Best

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Apr 02, 2014


Many times over the years I have heard people complain about tournaments and how they are just festivals of luck. At the end, everybody gets short and then it’s just all about going all-in. I’ve tried to explain that their mistake lies in what happened before that hand, when they got ten big blinds all-in with A-K, and they generally reply with something completely dismissive of what happened before the last hand, like, “but he called with A-Q and sucked out! I run so bad! Everything is different if that hand holds!” While this is correct, it is shortsighted of what got them to ten big blinds in the first place, and that road is generally littered with mistakes. For the next thousand words I will try to explain the middle stages of tournament poker and maintaining a healthy stack. I consider the middle stages of a tournament to start ...

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