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How To Choose Your Bluffs

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 02, 2014


Most players don’t bluff often enough. Part of the problem is that bluffing consistently requires a certain leap of faith that can be hard to muster. It can be especially hard to muster if you’ve been enduring a bad run. But another part of the problem is that players don’t know which sort of hands to bluff with. It doesn’t help that the sort of hands you should bluff with on the river are different from the sort of hands you should bluff on the flop. Your opponent bets and you are considering a bluff-raise. What type of hand should you choose? On The River On the river, you’re looking for two things: a lack of bluff-catching value and blockers. A hand lacks bluff-catching value if you could call with it and still lose to a bluff. Top pair, for instance, has full bluff-catching value on most boards, because it ...

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