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Irrefutable Southern Logic — You can’t win the tournament yet, but you can lose it.

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Mar 19, 2014


The early stages of a live tournament are ripe with people punting their stacks. They lose way too much money with hands that aren’t quite good enough, believing incorrectly that their stack of many big blinds should be used to gamble in an effort to build a big stack. In the WSOP main event, my day one goal is to make day two. This concept is simply shrunk in time for smaller and shorter tournaments, and in this column I’ll discuss how my game is adjusted early in tournaments. Early stages of tournaments are characterized by average stacks being deep with many big blinds. Antes are often not in play yet. The money is nowhere in sight, people may still be registering. While I’m always pursuing the ultimate poker goal of winning the most chips, the early stages of tournaments contain the most conservative facet of my poker game. Essentially ...

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