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Preflop Controversy — Ace-King

by Reid Young |  Published: Mar 19, 2014


Ace-king carries different weights in different poker circles. There are big reasons, more like logical fallacies, that explain why this is the case and what is to be considered and understood to correctly play the hand preflop. The reasons extend to understanding much of what is going on preflop, so let’s take a look. Blockers Blocking cards remove possible value combinations from an opponent’s range. For example, if our opponent makes a preflop bet, and his distribution of holdings for this particular raise are pocket queens, pocket kings, pocket aces, ace-king, and a few bluffs, then it seems like matching ace-king against those hands is an incredibly bad idea. It appears as if there are two premium hands that annihilate ace-king and one against which we race (our opponent’s ace-king). But there’s a problem with that line of thinking that holds many players back from making the correct decision: the ...

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