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Head Games: How to Think About Poker and Deal With Variance and Bad Beats

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Mar 19, 2014


The Pros: Isaac Baron, Nick Wealthall, and Jake Balsiger Craig Tapscott: What are the biggest mistakes struggling players are making when they think about poker? Isaac Baron: I think the biggest mistake struggling players make when thinking about poker is just trying too hard. I know that is a pretty broad statement, but I think a lot of players make poker more difficult than it needs to be. They see people on television making crazy plays or playing in some unorthodox manner and they try to make a bunch of hero bluffs or calls, or take a bunch of very complicated lines, when in reality, just playing solid fundamental poker is the best way to be a consistent winner.  Nick Wealthall: The first thing is to make sure you’re actually thinking. So much of our lives are lived on auto-pilot from going to work in the morning through to driving, ...

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