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Tournament Hands Part III

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Feb 05, 2014


We’ve been looking at some hands from a tournament I played in November at the Commerce. The buy-in is $1,650 and the structure, like all Matt Savage tournaments, is very good. The tournament moves quickly enough at first and has lots of play late. The first few hands I broke down in this series were some PokerStove and basic math-heavy situations where I was trying to figure out if I played the river optimally. According to the math, my plays were spot on. Sometimes you get a player at your table that seems to defy all of the rules of math and logic, someone who gives a ton of action but makes your decisions more difficult and forces you out of your comfort zone. Some of these guys can be incredibly successful in a short run of time and have done so on the biggest stages poker has to offer. ...

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