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Some Tournament Hands: Part II

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jan 22, 2014


Last time I talked about a hand in the first level of the WPT Regional tournament at the Commerce Casino in LA. I play these tournaments whenever I get the chance, especially when the buy-in is over $1,000. I don’t, however, make my living playing tournaments anymore, so it’s important for me to look at some interesting hands that I played from each tournament to make sure I’m playing optimally. My Day 1 table had Matt Affleck, Dan Furnival, and Young Man. We started with 20,000 in chips and I won a decent pot early to get to around 24,000. I then played one really big pot with flush over flush and had around 50,000 150-300 blinds (50 ante) The cutoff makes it 1,000. He’s been playing fairly tight and very rarely opening pots for a raise. I would say this is the third or fourth time he’s raised all ...

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