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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jan 22, 2014


Dec 10th — If you constantly top up in capped games you will always look like a big winner even if you are losing in that session Capped no-limit strategy is a very straightforward topic. Most of the time if you play extremely tight in a full-table format, bet thinly for value, know how to bet/fold, and do not tilt, you can be a winner in the game. The simple fact of the matter is, and I have examined this before, you really cannot call more than four times [the big blind] preflop raises with implied-odds types of hands (like suited connectors) when playing an effective stack of eighty big blinds or fewer (the average stack in these games). But there are also other live intangibles that will take your game to the next level and maybe increase your win rate by as much as 50 percent. The great casino ...

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