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Four Plays I Make Frequently

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jan 22, 2014


Last issue I wrote about some plays that other players make that I never make. This time I flip it around. These are plays that I make frequently that I see other players use less often. Preflop Reraises From The Blinds Ok, I know I’m not the only one out there reraising from the blinds. But few players in my games do it quite as often as I do. In fact, I talk to a lot of players who rarely reraise when they are in the small or big blind. Most frequently, these players say they don’t want to build a big pot out of position. They’d rather just call and see a flop. In my opinion, this thinking is backwards. Reraising is one of the most powerful plays you can make to protect your blinds and negate your opponent’s positional advantage. I use this play most frequently (by far) ...

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