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Head Games: Play To Your Strengths and Abuse an Opponent’s Weaknesses in Tournaments

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 01, 2013


The Pros: Tripp Kirk, Jordan Cristos, and Chris Moorman Craig Tapscott: What are your three biggest strengths as a tournament poker player? Perhaps share how you developed a certain skill or mindset and some keys to your growth. Tripp Kirk: First would be my ability to adapt to a table based on how everyone else is playing. A lot of players consider themselves “tight” or “super aggressive” when they really should be changing based on the players around them. Most people think that you should simply tighten up at an aggressive table or loosen up at a tight table when it is really a lot of other factors such as position, stack sizes, stage of the tournament, etcetera. Another strength is my discipline to try and take advantage of the weaker players at the table. A lot of good players tend to want to try and outplay the other good ...

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