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Why A Good Player Never Has The Flush!

by Reid Young |  Published: Dec 01, 2013


Advanced poker strategy is all about navigating the brain’s pesky tendency to misremember emotionally charged events. As respectable strategists, we must (for the most part) cast aside the emotional impact results can have on rational decision making, and continue with informed decisions that are based on combinatorics and game theory — easier said than done! By the way, good players actually do make flushes (I know, right?). Cutely hyperbolic titles aside, the notion that solid players abuse is that weaker players so strongly recall losing large pots to other players with flushes. The weaker player’s fear is disproportionate to the probability of an aggressive player of holding a flush. Being the player who overrepresents flushes, and other types of made hands in particular spots, often means that you are able to win more than your fair share of pots by bluffing. To understand exactly what it means to over-represent a ...

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