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Figure Out Their Range and Then Do Something About It

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Dec 01, 2013


While most advanced players know how to put their opponents on a range of hands, it seems like very few of them actually get out of line and take advantage of their range assessment abilities. I recently played a hand in the $3,500 Borgata World Poker Tour event where I was fairly certain I knew both of my opponents’ ranges. The only problem was that one, if not both of my opponents had me in bad shape. To start this hand, I had 340,000 at 600-1,200 (200 ante). I was crushing the table and running hot. The average chip stack at this point was around 90,000. I imagine I had a fairly loose image although in reality, I was simply getting a good run of cards. A loose, passive player with 170,000 limped from second position. He was limping with his entire range, both with premium and trashy hands. He ...

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