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Fixing The Broken Poker Mind

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Dec 01, 2013


Poker, it’s the nuts when you’re running well. You appear and feel as though you’re a magnet for money. Great karma envelops you! You visualize new dreams, and even consummate some. Your confidence is elevated, enhancing your performance in all areas of life. Friends accumulate; potential dates have a newfound interest in you. Life is magnificent! But there’s an inverse aspect. Sometimes the cards don’t seem to run like they used to, showing zero mercy. Maybe it’s you, and you’re not playing as well as you once did. Maybe your opponents have refined their strategies, learned your techniques and are playing you better, but you’re unaware of the changes. Maybe the game has passed you by. It could be any number of things; you’re confused and lost. The world appears a much darker place. You’d think that losing was contagious. People don’t talk to you as much. All those “friends,” ...

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