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There Ain’t A Problem So Bad That You Can’t Make It Worse

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Dec 25, 2013


Poker players often find themselves deep in a hole, and in an effort to get out of that hole they dig themselves deeper. This happens on both the micro and macro scales, and is a result of fundamentally flawed thinking. The good news is that anybody can change the way they think, the trick is applying the work to accomplish growth. On the micro scale, especially in big-bet games, watching this implosion is truly a glorious sight. First they get stuck a few bucks. Then they try to bluff a pot, get called, and try to bluff again. Their opponent makes another “awful” call, then a third one on the river, and our hero is buried. There’s a full on steady stream of chips pouring forth, and unless something is done to plug that leak quickly, the dam’s gonna burst. Off the table, most players manage their bankrolls awfully. They ...

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