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Head Games: How Important is Table and Seat Selection in Cash Games

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Dec 25, 2013


The Pros: Reid Young, Jeremy Ausmus, and Eric Meissner Craig Tapscott: In live cash games, do you scope out which table you want to sit at and why? Reid Young: If I have the option of a few tables, I think it is absolutely worth a look. Recreational players are several factors worse than even a mediocre player with some experience. A few important criteria for live game selection should be big stacks at the table (increasing your potential winnings) and talkative and fun loving players. This matters so you keep your soul and people are actually playing hands other than A-K. And look for players over 50 years old; because it is a quick and most likely way to weed out the more experienced online guys. That’s not to say all older players are not solid, but it is more likely they are less experienced. Jeremy Ausmus: I’m solely ...

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