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How to Read Hands - Part I

by Reid Young |  Published: Dec 25, 2013


Let’s cover the fundamental skill of hand reading and the way that professional players approach the subject. The best goal is not to determine exact holdings, but rather to perform in a game the most profitably. Deductive Process The deductive process of hand reading begins with knowledge of the typical player in our game. We always have more to go on than an archetype, even before cards are in the air. Look for your opponent’s: Age — Is he young enough to have played online poker? Typically, the online player is a bit more aggressive all around than his live poker playing counterpart. Not all young players play online and not all older players avoid online poker, but if you have pocket jacks preflop and are staring at an all-in bet from someone’s grandmother, then it’s fairly likely you are in trouble. Clothes and jewelry — Is the player flashy ...

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