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My Return to Online Poker – Part II

by Matthew Hilger |  Published: Oct 30, 2013


I recently returned from a trip to Colombia for four weeks where I was able to play some online poker after a two-year hiatus. In Part I, I discussed many of the questions I had. How tough are the games nowadays? Has the playing style changed significantly? How do I counter that? How rusty will I be? What sites should I play on? What stakes should I start out in? What types of games should I play? My first week wasn’t this grand success I had envisioned. I decided to only play at one site, PartyPoker, as there were cashout issues for such a short trip. This limited some of my options in terms of what I could play. The first couple of weeks I dabbled in many different variants to see what the current state of play was like. This article will discuss some of the variants that I ...

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