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Chances Are: Part VI

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Oct 30, 2013


Breaking habits is very tough. It is especially tough when most of what you read and most of what you hear will perpetuate the bad habits. The habit I want you to break is referring to positions at the table by name and not by number seats away from the button. Almost everyone says “I was under the gun.” Books and articles sometimes shorten this to UTG. You are certainly first to act voluntarily after the blinds. The problem arises from the fact that “UTG” gives no clue how many players are behind you. Some small-stakes cash games and some tournaments are played ten-handed. This means that when you are UTG there are nine players who haven’t looked and seven of them are behind you. If it is eight-handed, then there are seven who haven’t looked and five are behind you. Six-handed games are very popular online. There, the UTG ...

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