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A Hidden Benefit of Value Targeting

by Andrew Brokos |  Published: Oct 30, 2013


I’ve written before about the benefits of what I call value targeting, which is having in mind an idea of the hands you want to pay you off when you are betting for value. Many players make the mistake of sizing their bets based on the size of their own hand, betting bigger with nut hands and smaller when value betting thinly. The better approach is to bet big when you are targeting strong hands for value and to bet small when you are targeting weak hands. Sometimes, even if you have the nuts, you’ll have reason to believe that your opponent doesn’t have much, and it’s better to win a small bet than nothing at all. The other advantage of value targeting is that it helps you to save money when you’ve been coolered. If your thought process for value betting consists of no more than “I have a ...

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