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Men of Action: Dwight D. Eisenhower

by Bob Pajich |  Published: Apr 03, 2013


Dwight Eisenhower learned how to play poker from a man who lived on a river in Abilene, Kansas. His name was Bob Davis. He was nearly illiterate, yet Eisenhower called him one of his heroes. “My hero was a man named Bob Davis. He had long been a traveler, a fisherman, hunter, and guide. He was also a bachelor, a philosopher, and, to me, a great teacher. One thing he taught me, without sanctions, was the rudiments of poker,” Eisenhower wrote in his At Ease: Stories I tell my Friends. Ike knew him from the age of 8 until he left to go to West Point in 1911. The story continues in Matthew Holland’s Eisenhower Between the Wars: The Making of a General and Statesman. “Although an illiterate, Davis was something of a mathematical genius. Eisenhower remembered that Bob ‘knew poker percentages’ better than anyone. He taught Ike that poker ...

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