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Re-Entry: Good or Bad for the Game?

by Matt Glantz |  Published: Apr 03, 2013


By Matt Glantz & William Entenman The recent trend of unlimited re-entry in the world of tournament poker has brought about a widespread debate among industry insiders as to whether or not this modernized tournament structure is good or bad for poker. There are two major aspects of unlimited re-entry tournaments that cannot be disputed by anyone on either side of the issue: 1. Increased prize pools 2. Increased likelihood of a pro showing up in the winner’s circle Increased Prize Pools This is clearly a good thing for all involved. A larger prize pool is better for the players as well as the venue hosting the event. A juiced prize pool brings more excitement and awareness to its surrounding area and has the ability to attract more casual players to the event. Increased Likelihood of A Pro Showing Up In the Winner’s Circle It is clear that professional tournament players ...

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